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The Institute of Oil Gas Research and Hydrocarbon Studies (IOGRHS) held the Commonwealth  Induction Programme “Abuja 2022” with the theme “Decommissioning Costs in Oil & Gas Operations in Nigeria: Matters Arising”.  The programme took place at the Nicon Luxury Hotel Abuja, Nigeria as planned. Decommissioning, which is the general term for returning an oil production site to its pre-lease condition at the end of the useful life of the oil asset, can be a costly exercise for the companies involved and can also be challenging for the Government, in terms of enforcement of remediation and restoration of the environment. The importance of decommissioning cannot be overlooked in Nigeria as the increasing adverse impact of pollution (onshore and offshore) on the environment which is majorly caused by abandoned facilities is a concern to all the stakeholders in the petroleum industry. This makes the discourse on decommissioning costs germane to the oil and gas industry. The lead resource person: Professor Cletus Okhiokpamonyi Akenbor, a Fellow of the Institute of Oil & Gas Research & Hydrocarbon Studies (IOGRHS) and Professor of Accounting and Taxation, at the lecture attempted and discussed almost every important issues in decommissioning operations especially in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Professor Akenbor who happens to be Fourth (4th) Vice Chairman of Council of the Institute of Oil & Gas Research & Hydrocarbon Studies (IOGRHS) and also an Oil & Gas Accountant dealt with regulations and modern techniques of decommissioning implementation and associated cost(s) – onshore, deep-water, offshore, inshore, and swamp environment. He discussed the role(s) of international oil companies (IOCs), indigenous operators and Government are playing and should continue to play in decommissioning operations. He talked about ways of reclaiming abandoned fields, closure and post-closure programmes to forestall environmental degradation, and protection of the wellbeing of the host community, etc. Prof. Akenbor can be reached via: akenborcletus@yahoo.com. Please view below some of the photographs taken at the COMMONWEALTH INDUCTION PROGRAMME “ABUJA 2022”

Signed: Vincent Tamunoibim


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