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The Institute of Oil & Gas Research & Hydrocarbon Studies (IOGRHS) implemented the Product Forum “Abuja 2021 with the subject: “EXPLORATION OF THE USE OF PALMWINE AS FLUID CONTROL AGENT IN WATER-BASED DRILLING (FLUID) MUD”. on Friday, April 30, 2021, by 4pm at the NICON LUXURY ABUJA, Nigeria as planned. The Institute took advantage of the 2021 Forum and discussed the discovery of palm-wine as a mud control substance in water-based drilling (fluid) mud. Even though research is ongoing with international collaboration(s), palm-wine economic potential shall increase once this research work is concluded and implemented.  Palm-wine shall generate additional revenue for the rural poor and investors. It will also increase the appetite for palm-tree plantation, development, exploitation, palm-wine production, and marketing. These activities shall provide additional employment opportunities for our teeming youths, engage the different levels of service providers, finished product distributors, and contractors, etc. Research shows that biochemical constituents such as alcohol, sugar, lipid, protein, amino-acid, mineral, etc are strong elements with behavior to contribute as fluid control agents in water-based drilling mud. The Technical Committee of the Institute also implemented the QUALITY PRODUCT SERVICE AWARD FOR 2021 part one! The lens of the camera captured some of the proceedings at the event – below:


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