1. Members should try at all times to display the highest levels of truthfulness, integrity, and impartiality in handling issues.
  2. Members should be fair and equitable in the presentation of information –printed, social or electronic media about their colleagues whether around the office environment or any other place.
  3. Members should always accept responsibility for their actions and offer services in the areas of their core competence and experience while serving the interest their country, industry, public, colleagues and customers.
  4. Members should carry out their line of work without prejudice in respect of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, political belief, age, socio-economic standing, disability, or skin colour, etc.
  5. Members should always discharge their job professionally without considering gratification(s) before processing purchase orders, payment facilitation, human resources recruitment, etc.
  6. Members should obey the constitution and relevant laws and regulations governing their areas of work in their country. And should know their rights, privileges, duties and support the rule of law both in their country and organization they find themselves.
  7. Members should be aware that their behavior may influence and have impact on their colleagues and should not demand or compel them to perform unethical things in relating with others. Avoid taking the work of others and making it appear as yours and then benefiting from it without compensation or permission from the originator.
  8. Members should strive to meet obligations and responsibilities in contracts and agreement(s) and avoid actions that may affect the present or future public health and safety.
  9. Members should apply confidentiality and anonymity in handling privilege information and do good for the benefit of the entire society.
  10. Members should avoid manipulation of situation in order to take advantage and maximize personal gain in a way that may damage the environment, organization or colleagues or society.
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